If life is constantly shit for you or you dont feel like things are going right, do you want to know what the problem is?

You are focusing too much on the 'Riddle of life'. You are focusing on something that can't even be quanitified. Such a waste of time and energy, both of which you need to start investing in more productive things.

People believe so highly in the idea that a positive mindset is all you need to change things around. You can be positive as fuck and exercising everyday and shit isnt going to change.

Stop believing that some magical hand is guiding you in life. The universe isnt guiding you, and the longer you think that way the less time you have to correct your path.

Do you think i woke up today and said "Hey universe, can you please fuck the pound up so i can make a few grand while an entire nation suffers?"

"Sure man, let me just crumble the pound so you can make some money".

See how stupid that sounds? Instead of waiting for the meaning of life to hit you through positivity, sit down, get a pen and paper, write down the skills you have, figure out what you need to improve and keep pushing!

Don't get caught up in belief that things are going to happen because you believe they will. Start understanding how to place yourself in more optimal positions through calculated actions.

Slide note: You will also find that the less you feed into your emotional side, the less likely you are inclined to constantly feel depressed all the time when things dont go your way. Stop letting emotion make your decisions.

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