Money can buy you basic neccessities. This is things like food, shelter, safety, etc. This gives us moderate amount of happiness as we have met our daily neccessities.

Real happiness on the other hand, as in true contentment has got nothing to do with money. It has got everything to do with your beliefs and your attutude towards life and how you see things. Your family could be the reason for your happiness, your mother smiling, etc. This requires having the right perspective on life. It is a choice. 

Money is not a requirement for happiness in life but it can certainly reduce the gap on the road from discomfort to comfort. For example:
When you have money, you do not have to worry or think about bills, food and etc and if you don't have money then you will have to think about all this and you will be worried. So therefore money reduces discomfort to comfort which may give you something to smile about or make you happy.

It's all about how you take money as but money does not make life happy.