I want to end this April in a good note. I have been lazy, not active enough and certainly not been working hard enough comparing to last 4-5 months. I have decided that from the beginning of may, I will work hard, be active and more importantly..kill this laziness off.

I have set 2 goals for the rest of this year and hopefully complete it:

1) Be fit and healthy= I don't do any workout and I constantly keep eating and eating leading to be overweight. I am not saying that eating is bad but eating too much with no workout, it's not good. By not doing workout, the health issues becomes serious, things like chest pain will constantly keep occurring and occurring...I certainly don't like that when it happens so I want to avoid it by eating healthy and working out.

2) Show emotions when talking= This may sound strange but I have heard from several people that I rarely show any expression when talking. It is not like I care about what they say but when I thought about it more carefully..it made sense. Smiling is the key one, I don't smile and maybe this is because life has given me so much pain that I don't feel like smiling but now I guess now I have to give this a try and see how I feel.

You may wonder why I am writing a blog  on such topic like this but this will help me. I make excuses whenever I start doing something good and by any chance if I make any excuses when trying to accomplish these goals...I can look at this and say "Look what you have said, now go and follow it". Excuses is not a good thing...when you are doing something which is not so good then there are  no excuses you come up with, you just go and do it but when you are doing something good...there are so many excuses you come up with.

At the end of this year, I will write again on this topic and tell you readers if I accomplished or not. 
The word passion has a simple meaning and yet it is very effective in our lives. It just means “To truly believe in something, have strong feelings for something you are passionate about and have an overwhelming desire for that something”. Every single one of us has a passion or for some of us many passions.  

You may not realise you have a passion, but you do. Figuring out is not really hard. You may have been to that stage many times but your life may not have recognized it as your passion. Passion does not come forcefully or you make it come out forcefully…you may wonder what this means, an example “A friend of mine who loves editing videos decided to do Photoshop training for some time, he had an interest because his friends were doing that training as well”. You may wonder what this means, what this means is Passion is something where you have a strong interest and has a larger purpose for you. What is the point of doing all this if you don’t enjoy yourself? Don’t make passion for someone else do it for yourself.

But saying all this, there are some people who figured out their passion when they were kids. From my experience, the parents wanted their child to be something which they desired or saw an ability in their child so they made sure that the child have been entered in lessons or whatever the child needed to become. As the child started to get used to all the training, the chid became more skilled thus their passion grew. An example to this “Sachin Tendulkar started playing cricket at the age of 15, he had a passion about cricket, he did not play for money, he played because he enjoyed it, he recently ended his career as one of the best player ever known in cricket”.

I didn’t find my passion when I was in school, when I did start to get an idea about my passion, I was redirected to other things by either my parents, relatives, or by my own ideas of what we should do or for me it was what would pay us the most money. I think most of us had this thought/idea at some stage in our life.
So here we sit in our passionless lives, doing nothing which feels boring and meaningless. There is no taste to it. How do we create a fun/passionate life now? Create an equation and this is how mine looks like and your could also look similar:

Overwhelming Interest+Hard work+No excuses+Purpose= Passion

  • You must have an overwhelming interest on something to begin with.
  •  If you don’t work hard, you won’t achieve it.
  • At the beginning it will be fun but midway throughout, you may feel exhausted or can’t continue, then don’t make excuses and keep working.
  • It has to mean something in your life and must have a purpose in your life.
If you are ever going to find your passion, always have an interest to begin with. Then start working hard for several days and months. When working hard, never make excuses or give up in any ways.
If everything is going accordingly to your equation, then you will become deeply engaged in that something. Then it will get to a deeper level in terms of purpose in your life. And that is a recipe for a good passion or even life passion for some. But remember this nothing is easy without hard work, don’t just rely on words. You must put in the effort too and never give up!