When you make mistakes…what’s the first thing you do? Do you feel sad that you made such mistake? Do you use logical proofs to support your mistake? Do you keep on finding reasons on how you made such mistake?

Well I used to follow all these things before as I had thought that mistakes will lead me to failures only. But when I realized by following all those things, I am making even a bigger mistake and I became an expert in giving reasons for each mistakes, most of the reasons were lies to make myself happy.

Now what I learned is that by making mistakes, you learn new things. For example if you were making a website which requires you to code and if you got everything running perfectly, you will not learn and most of the time you will not learn the logic behind it whereas when you make a mistake, you can see what you did wrong and you will learn the logic behind it. Whenever I come to know mistake has happened…I always say this to myself “Don’t worry Sakar, no matter how complex this mistake is, you can fix it and now find out the SOLUTION and not the SUPPORTING reason for it”.

Once the mistake is solved, I say this to myself “See you have done it, how does it feel? It feels better than making some lame excuses right?” and I look back through what I did and I analyse what I am learning from this mistake. I am more alert now and I find it good that if I make mistakes…it will show me where I have to work on more.

Remember mistakes will not lead you to failures instead it will help you in your journey to gain success.