Be Yourself

Be yourself:

The main goal in life is to enjoy yourself but there will be barriers (People) who will get in your ways to stop you from enjoying and for many it would either irritate or upset them. I mean This could be things like someone making fun of you because you are weak or because of your personality or the way you look or the way you talk.

There is no reason to be irritated or upset as it will not change anything but instead you will be lost into a world where you will over-think and you won't be able to enjoy things. Whatever problems you may face, there is something you can always do to overcome it.
If someone says something which upsets you or irritates you, "You should not care about what they say, you either be like them or just DON'T CARE and move on". 

"Develop a passion, Experience new things whether it is good or bad, Enjoy this person that is you. If you don't, no one will either, enjoy your 'Self' and don't regret anything in life because you have only one life to enjoy"


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