No it is not a good sign. Overthinking is the root of all your problems and it is considered to be bad. It usually exists when someone says something that reaches deep down onto your mind. It can be something good or it can be something bad but it stays with you. Somebody once told me in a state of my own misery and sadness that “Overthinking kills your happiness, kills your self-belief & kills your trust”. It was really simple to understand, it didn’t seem to have anything complex or weight to it, this simple phrase changed everything to me that day.

Whenever I find myself overthinking and drifting into a state of self-deprecation, I immediately look back at that phrase and I say that phrase out loud to myself until the truth of it comes out to my understanding. The most important thing I noticed from doing this is what the reason was behind the problems.

As you grow older and older, your regrets, your failures, your unwanted memories decides to pop up and you realize that your mind is your enemy. When you are alone, why does your mind ramble off to those untouched places of your mind?

Isn’t there anything we can do? How do you expect to live with all those troubled memories that sits in your mind? Well I have realised that life is not about looking at the past instead it is about moving ahead of that past. It is all about moving ahead, far far away from the bullshit that once troubled you. In order to be happy in life you have to learn how to live with the pain and that only BEGINS when you learn how to control your thoughts. Because your thoughts are which kills you or it is your biggest enemy. It’s not the words from others that have effect on us, but how we let those words affect us.

You MUST learn to stop overthinking at any cost. You may not realise it but it’s the silent enemy that will steadily kill your happiness. Worrying about what someone thinks of you will only keep you from the person you’re supposed to be. Once someone told me that “You should not care about what they say, you either be like them or just DON'T CARE and move on". This felt right because I did not desired to be like them at all. Your mind has this special ability where it will take you to places that should not have been gone into and this all depends on YOU.

What’s the point of wasting all your energy and especially time thinking about something which is gone and something which can’t be changed? Past is Past, what happened it’s over. Life is too short to be thinking about this kind of things. The moment you’ve finally accepted that nothing can be done and life will still move on, believe me YOU ARE FREE. Free from this negative thoughts that have captured you.

As you continue moving through life, you will encounter bad things, bad people around you and you must stop overthinking. I mean life is simple as it is, why kill it by overthinking? –Sakar

There are many common things, that we do not value at all, unless we loose their sight. The first lesson-- Appreciate whatever you have and learn to hold the smallest or insignificant happiness you get . Smallest, Insignificant and etc etc are adjectives that CHANGE with time. You would not like to regret, when these change. 

Every living thing such as Bacteria, Ants, Lions are all busy in their world or occupation. Every one of them ways to spend their time and those are really important for them. When you spend time with others or when you get their time, make sure that you get or give the best to it. You never know what is going to happen tomorrow. 

There are undoubtedly loads of things that we are all scared to do or we think we are foolish or be ashamed to do. But people, some people do that. If you ever feel like doing something 'foolish' or 'stupid', just do it. Our world would have still been in stone age if people didn't do anything like that, there is always something better awaiting at the end of a foolish trial.

Every thing has a strange way of getting back to you, as we produce and pass them around. Even if things and people look gross or grim, just remember- "we change, time change and so do they". This is the most beautiful aspect around us. Everything is beautiful or becomes so- just need the right focus and right amount of positive in us. Spend more energy-it's the only thing we can do for a better tomorrow. 

Be yourself:

The main goal in life is to enjoy yourself but there will be barriers (People) who will get in your ways to stop you from enjoying and for many it would either irritate or upset them. I mean This could be things like someone making fun of you because you are weak or because of your personality or the way you look or the way you talk.

There is no reason to be irritated or upset as it will not change anything but instead you will be lost into a world where you will over-think and you won't be able to enjoy things. Whatever problems you may face, there is something you can always do to overcome it.
If someone says something which upsets you or irritates you, "You should not care about what they say, you either be like them or just DON'T CARE and move on". 

"Develop a passion, Experience new things whether it is good or bad, Enjoy this person that is you. If you don't, no one will either, enjoy your 'Self' and don't regret anything in life because you have only one life to enjoy"